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Roborobo Co., Ltd.

Robo Kids No.1

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Robo Kids No.1

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 Brand Name




ROBOROBO's Robot kit : Robokids 1(16 robots can be assembled)



  Robokids is for the kids who are too little to use 'Robokit', another ROBOROBO's educational robot kit. The Roborobo Robot kit helps children understand robot technology based on the useful and various assembly blocks such as CPU block, contact sensor block, infrared sensor block, and remote control block etc. Also, children can deal with the program through funny card reader without using a computer.


Funny card program


  Using funny card, you can drive the robot easily and simply without complex program.

Each card consists of the card information bar code on which how to operate each part of the robot are recorded.


Children can be ready and easy to assembly with a step-by-step description of Robokids.


Welcome to the robot world we offer.


International Certification
- ISO9000:2000/ KS A 9001:2000 K/Q00631
- China CCC 200812202300371

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  Package Size

300 x 400 x 100   Millimeters

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